A Security Risk Assessment is Mandatory for Your Practice or Organization.

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Healthcare Privacy and Security Articles

Should We Buy a “Risk Analysis in a Box”?

The short answer is NO. There are over 300 variables that can go into a security risk analysis and the information provided by CMS can be confusing. It is always recommended to have a CERTIFIED professional do the audit for you and provide ongoing updates and consultation as rules and regulations change. What Is a […]

What Are the Penalties for NOT Having a Security Risk Analysis?

2016 Update The HIPAA requirement for a risk analysis has been in place since 2003.  With changes to various programs, including Meaningful Use and ICD-10, enforcement of this requirement has started in force for all organizations who create, store, or exchange patient records.  2016 will bring an increase in audits and enforcement activities from various government organizations, some funded by […]

What Happens if We Don’t Do a Proper Security Risk Analysis?

About one in 20 participants in the meaningful use program can expect to face an audit for compliance with the program’s requirements, according to a CMS official. The most common problems identified in the audits so far are: Noncompliance with the requirement that health care providers conduct a data security risk assessment, which also is a requirement […]

Can We Do Our Own HIPAA Security Risk Analysis?

The correct answer is Yes.  However, it is important to realize that having your assessment done by a certified professional will demonstrate the due diligence expected by the HIPAA rule.  A risk analysis is a detailed and comprehensive look at the Physical, Administrative, and Technical security of your facility. Le casino n’a pas le vôtre […]