A Security Risk Assessment is Mandatory for Your Practice or Organization.

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Our Services and Programs


Logo 5 Brothers and Associates LLC helps physicians fully understand and take advantage of the full benefits of Electronic Health Records. They enable physicians to achieve meaningful use objectives, minimize the financial and administrative burdens, reduce the costs associated with medical errors, improve patient safety and quality of care and prepare providers for future pay performance.

Brothers and Associates LLC is physician centric and provides on-site services for primary care physicians and rural organizations. Specialists can also receive our services. Contact us directly for pricing. The core  services are customized to fit your practice and include:

  •  Practice workflow analysis and process redesign;
  •  Vendor selection;
  •  Usability evaluations of EHRs;
  •  Meaningful use achievement;
  •  Staff training; and
  •  Privacy and security analysis. 

Benefits of using us:

  • Transform your practice and enhance your use of EHR;
  • Access to educational materials;
  • Meet meaningful use requirements;
  • Gain from our health informatics expertise.

We also offer a complimentary Educational Webinar Series. Check the website for schedule and details.

Quotes available upon request. Contracts and pricing are dependent on size, location, and other variables.