A Security Risk Assessment is Mandatory for Your Practice or Organization.

Avoid EHR and HIPAA Penalties by Hiring a Certified Professional to Handle Your Annual Security Risk Assessments. Click Here to Learn More.

Video Replay: Your Home Health Care Agency is 5xs More Likely to Be Audited By OCR than the IRS!

Webinar Replay: Your Home Health Care Agency is 5xs More Likely to Be Audited By OCR than by the IRS…..Learn More!


Consider what it will cost you if Office of Civil Rights (OCR) visits, even if you get through the ordeal without a fine, or even an accusation.

-Learn what they will ask before they made a determination.
-Learn what a Meaningful Use Objective is/means to you.
-Why Conduct a Security Risk Analysis?
-How Often Does a Breach Occur in Home Health Care?
-What Are the Fines, and Can You Afford It?
-Examples of Home Health Care Breaches Across the U.S.
-Myths and Misconceptions about Safety.
– Mistakes to Avoid
-Where Can You Turn for Help?


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